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SMART MULTIPLEX is a video on-demand platform, part of Live 24 Digital Media Networks., SMART MULTIPLEX offers the TV Shows, Smart Movies, News, your favorite Show & Web Series, absolutely Free.

Smart Search - Content search on SMART MULTIPLEX has been optimized to reduce complexity and delay in accessing content. Accurate search results, with lightning fast autocomplete suggestions navigate users to video with minimal navigation friction and ease of use.

Friendly User Interface - Content organization on SMART MULTIPLEX is a result of a thoughtful user experience approach and strong design principles that ensure that the user is not overwhelmed with the breadth of content available. Using a mix of algorithms and human curation, users at any stage of their interaction with SMART MULTIPLEX will discover content and see their experience evolve with their interaction patterns over time.

Hot Content Catalogue - SMART MULTIPLEX offers the latest and popular TV, movies and knowledge-based content from India and the world. With content in Some languages, spanning TV channels, SMART MULTIPLEX is home to some of the longest running, and highest rated TV content in the country. Our roster of the biggest names in Indian cinema makes SMART MULTIPLEX  the preferred destination for the biggest blockbusters from Regional cinema.

Access - SMART MULTIPLEX is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for mobile and tablet applications and can be accessed at www.smartmultiplex.com


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